You sit, chained to a low wooden bench on the prison boat as the bay wind blows back your hair and the morning sun glows warm across your cheek. The smell of salt in the air makes you feel hopeful on this new day.  Fidgeting in your seat, you try not to disturb the man next to you.  The dock comes into view, and above that a high wire fence surrounding the dark, grey brick building towers above.
“This has to be better than that last place” you tell yourself.
Shifting again in your seat you hear your ankle chains move along the floor, the man next to you looks down, then back at you and scowls…..
‘Fucking calm down punk, you will be face down in the showers soon enough!”
He laughs, leans back and closes his eyes. Your eyes return to the intimidating  building, the high wire fences and the even higher guard tower. You wonder what adventures await you in Alcatraz.  Absently, you rub your crotch and see the guard on the docks watching you. He lets his own hand drop from  the rifle butt at his hip, his thumb  traces he outline of huge mushroom head under the tight cloth of his uniform. He looks at you, smirks and winks………..
“Welcome to Alcatraz Punk!!”

Alcatraz, a new prison role play sim in San Francisco for gay males. Now accepting applications for all staff, guards, lawyers, corrupt city officials. prisoners, and support staff. Just drop a line to Treat Kanto in world, and i will see that you  get an application, and what you deserve. WARNING – Adult situations, sexual context, violence, capture, bondage, rape, and excessive card playing

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