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Trooper Anton

“I was genuinely, emotionally moved not only by the expert combination of video and sound, but by the realization of the mammoth effort put forth to re-create San Francisco in such exquisite detail for the virtual community of Second Life. And then, somewhere in the middle of the video I had an epiphany about the man behind this masterpiece, Wendell Thor. I ceased to hear Tony Bennett singing, and began to hear the spiritually impactful voice of Wendell Thor coming through. I felt his profound love for this magical city, his passion, his obsession, and I felt what can only be described as pure love for something which consumes utterly and without mercy. I applaud him on my feet for making his dream a reality, for letting nothing stand in his way, and for this gift which has been offered to us in Second Life. Wendell Thor has bared his soul and stands naked on the stage in a steady beam of light. I for one salute him. This is an almost unsurpassable work of art.”